Unschooling Our Kids

Breaking free from forced learning, indoctrination and ‘Big Brother’s’ agenda.

"We Are Not Free Until We Are ALL Free - This Includes Our Children"


What is Unschooling?

Unschooling is a lifestyle that requires one to reprioritize what they have learned about learning itself. We reprioritize the  needs of our family first instead of an institution or a curriculum where the children have to obey the teacher and we  have to obey the schools.  Our goal is Happiness, Freedom of choice and the reckless pursuit of our passions together as a family with the knowingness that learning is a natural byproduct not something that needs to be categorized, controlled, analyzed and measured.

It requires a deep respect for our children and their capability of discovering their own path of interests and passions. It’s core is founded on peaceful  parenting and allowing our children to have the freedom to choose what, when and for how long they want to explore any given topic.

Our life and this world is our classroom without constraint.

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