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Group Coaching



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What you will learn

  • Technology using devices as a means to control your kid’s behaviour actually creates overuse
    how to use technology as a tool for connection
    how to let go of your fear of ‘gaming’ and need to impose strict limitations
  • Allowing your kids to “quit”
    – learn to honour your child’s choices and timelines
    – how to feed their passions and interests without curriculum  
    – how to let go of rigid structure and make room for organic learning
  • Learning without curriculum
    – how to trust that your child is learning without testing    
    – gaining confidence that you are a natural unschooling parent  
    – learning about the harms of forced learning and the dark agenda behind public schools
  • Bedtimes & Eating
    – the more we control a certain thing, the more we create an unhealthy relationship with the very ‘thing’ that we are trying to control
    – letting go of fears around food freedom and bedtimes
    – giving space for your children to explore and use their discernment on what’s best for them
  • Rebellion
    – learn how this is a consequence of the ‘authoritative parenting style’
    – shift your beliefs around a ‘rebellious child’ by honouring their path to becoming a Free thinker    
    – “Unschoolers” have no need to rebel because their needs are being met

Topics will vary weekly based on participants and their needs.

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